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Kingston Park, Kingston, Tasmania

The 6 Biggest Pieces of News about Property in Greater Hobart THIS WEEK

One of the largest residential developments in decades will transform the centre of Kingston, creating hundreds of new homes and up to 1000 jobs. Kingborough Council will today announce Sydney company Traders In Purple as the development partner for Kingston Park, the site of the former high school. Mayor Dean Winter said the development of 360 homes, retail and commercial space would give the local economy a $300 million boost. The Mercury


The RBA says it’s concerned about the risk to property developers as a result of tighter lending conditions. In his speech, Assessing the Effects of Housing Lending Policy Measures, The Reserve Bank’s Deputy Governor Guy Debelle said the tightening in lending to developers seemed a higher risk to the economic outlook than the direct effect on households. Housing construction activity has been at a high level for some time now, he noted. “Our forecast is for it to continue at this level for at least a year given the amount of work in the pipeline. Beyond that, we expect construction activity to decline from its peak.” The Urban Developer


Rail lines will remain intact at Macquarie Point despite northern suburbs light rail supporters fearing work on a bike track at the site could damage the infrastructure. The Rail Action Group said works on the cycleway extension adjacent to the city’s main train line threw doubt on the State Government’s pledge to protect the rail corridor.But the State Government and the Macquarie Point Development Corporation said they stood by their commitment to preserve the tracks for future transport use. The Mercury


Scott Morrison has proposed to develop an immigration policy with a “bottom-up” approach in a bid to counteract the nation’s population concerns. Morrison invited state premiers and chief ministers to bring their population strategies to the next Council of Australian Governments meeting, during a speech he delivered at the Bradfield Oration this week. “This will feed into the setting of our migration caps and policies for next year, ensuring that migration is finally tied to infrastructure and services carrying capacity,” Morrison said. The Urban Developer


In a unique achievement, the Fragrance Group-owned ibis Styles Hobart Hotel has been named as Australia’s first and only 5-Star Green Star certified hotel. The prestigious recognition, awarded by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), represents Australian Excellence in environmentally sustainable building practices and showcases the developer’s and hotel’s commitment to and leadership in sustainability and innovation. The Hotel Conversation


Robotic technology company FBR has built its first house in less than three days, in what the company describes as a feat of engineering to impact the future of the construction industry. Perth-based FBR, formerly known as Fastbrick Robotics, successfully constructed a 180sqm, three-bedroom, two-bathroom house. The ASX-listed company described the feat as a “world first achievement” and the most “significant technical milestone completed to date” in the Hadrian X programme. The Urban Developer

Weekly auction results

Results for Tasmania for the week 12th November to 18th November 2018

Clearance Rate: 20% · Reported: 5 · Sold: 1 · Not Sold: 4

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